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House System

By introducing the house system in the school, the students have been made to understand as to how they can abide by rules and regulations formed by the school from time to time and to maintain the discipline and decorum of the school. As far as possible, responsibilities are delegated to the students and they are encouraged to help and guide each other. Freedom with limits and without suppressing and interfering in the development of child’s personality is the sole goal of the formation of this house system.

The students are divided in the following four houses and they are assigned duties, by rotation, on weekly basis.

Name of House                     Colour Assigned

1) Shivaji House                     Yellow

2) Tagore House                     Green

3) Ashoka House                     Blue

4) Raman House                     Red


Shivaji House                 Yellow Tagore                         Green
Ashoka                         Blue Raman                         Red

School Timing House System

Dress Code

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