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Admission Information

Registration/Admission is open for all children irrespective of caste, creed, colour, community & religion.  The facility of registration for any particular class/year is available. Registration for any particular class/year is not transferable to any other class/year. Registration for any class does not imply admission. Minimum age criteria and requirement of documents for admission to different classes is fixed.

 Class                              Minimum Age                    

Pre-Nursery                  2  1/2 Years               

Nursery                        3  1/2 Years                                 

K.G.                             4   1/2 Years                               

1st                              5   1/2 Years                        

2nd                             6   1/2 Years                              

3rd                              7   1/2 Years                              

4th                              8   1/2 Years                            

5th                              9   1/2 Years                            

6th                             10   1/2 Years                          

7th                             11   1/2 Years                           

8th                             12   1/2 Years                              

9th                             13   1/2 Years                                                      

Registration/Admission form is available in the office of the school. The same can also be downloaded from school website (www.mbdconventschool.com).


 Documents required at the time of Admission :

    • Date of Birth Certificate
    • Aadhaar Card of your Ward, Father and Mather.
    • Two latest passport-size photographs of your Ward, Father and Mather.
    • Online (E-Punjab Portal ) School leaving certificate / T.C. from the previous school .
    • Progress Card ( last class attended ).

    The admission of the child to the school will mean a complete acceptance of the school norms, rules and regulations by the parents/guardians.




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